co-executive director

James White is Executive Producer of Media at Large (, an established boutique production company specializing in new media as well as developing, producing, and supporting independent film and theater projects such as the award-winning full-length feature film Exposed, And Then Came Love and the acclaimed short-film Ariana. Recently, he served as Producer of the off-Broadway production of Tennessee Williams' In the Bar of a Tokyo Hotel and is currently the Co-Executive Director of the Maria Torres Emerging Artist Foundation.

Originally from Tennessee, James moved to New York with a collegiate background in Electrical Engineering, Math, and Psychology. He earned a Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts, with a specialty in painting, from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. Creating large-scale, black and white, mixed media drawings, James has shown his work at several galleries throughout New York and his paintings have served as illustrations for special events, advertisements, and other printed mediums.

With a strong interest in business, James has worked in the Investment Banking industry for almost 20 years, having developed significant leadership, strategy, project management, and communications skills. His history in global, corporate financial institutions has enabled him to create and implement business plans in the corporate world and strategically launch lucrative careers for several visual artists.

As an avid photographer, he has worked regularly in the field for many New York institutions such as the New York City Gay Men's Chorus, the New York City Marching Band, and various performance artists. His keen eye for detail has garnered him consulting work on several design interior design projects from complete renovations to the design of custom furniture and decorative objects.

James began his career in the entertainment industry as a Producer working on several independent short films before partnering with Media at Large. He will make his Directorial debut in their new reading series, launching in 2013.